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The Evotique Experience


We often embark on a journey that aims to embellish us in an ornate version of ourselves - wrapped in a dress, that defines us and adorn in jewelry that accents that definition. The singular beauty of this process is the result - gleam in the eye of the beholder or that perfect picture that captures the very essence of what we are in that moment. And it is that result that the Evotique experience is all about. Starting from a concept in your mind to picking out the fabric for that dream dress or cuts in your bridal set, the Evotique experience lets you be a part of your creation. This is why we love to work with our clients whereby they become an integral part of each step of the process - the idea, the design, the sketch, the stitching, the construction and the intricate work that will one day become a part of you. 



Evotique specializes in:

Bridal Wear

Party Wear